Dorota Levine


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Welcome to the Frontpage
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Dorota  Levine

Painter, Printmaker and College Lecturer in prison education
BA in Fine Art from Oxford Brookes University 2000

A very warm welcome to this my website, featuring some of my recent works as well as images of earlier pieces. Please browse through my virtual gallery at your leisure

I grew up, studied and worked in Gdansk the northern sea port on the Polish Baltic Coast. My background was in architecture and I have been deeply inspired by the Hanseatic buildings of the old town.

I emigrated to Britain on the cusp of the 1970’s to bring up a family where I lived and worked and finally manage to find time to study fine art and pursue a career teaching and practising painting and printmaking. Today I have my own studio amongst the Chertsey Artists in Windsor Road.

All of these life experiences have had an influence on my work. You will discover a recurring architectural theme throughout my paintings. Earlier works depict the Gdansk strikes and civil  unrest that I witnessed first hand. More recently I have experimented with floral images and still life pieces in my self-styled semi abstract way and now paint tall, slender, feminine figures in various contexts.

I use pallet knives, large brushes and fingers to create the effects I want on canvas using acrylics, oils and other media. 

I have exhibited in many galleries, notably at the Barbican in London, Milton Keynes Gallery, Chertsey Artists, The Fountain Gallery and I have several pieces in the Solidarity Museum in Gdansk.